Some tips to enjoy the city of Feltre

The city of Feltre has the power to enchant its visitors in many ways, probably due to its incredible historical tradition, which saw it rise 2000 years ago along the famous Via Claudia Augusta Altinate. To enliven your stay, we suggest you visit old Feltre, surrounded by walls and accessible from Porta Pusteria or Port’Oria: especially at dusk, the atmosphere of the peaks is simply magical! If you are interested in culture, you can visit the Museo Civico and Museo Archeologico, rich in collections and antiquities, or the archaeological area under the Cathedral, also worth a visit; or Piazza Maggiore and the Castle with its recently restored towers. Last but not least, the Sena Theatre, perfectly preserved.

A little further afield you can visit the Pedavena Brewery, one of the largest and most famous in Italy, where you can satisfy your desire for fun with friends.

Feltre can be a strategic point from which to visit other places with an excellent food and wine tradition, such as Valdobbiadene, whose hills have recently been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Feltre is the starting point of the Alta Via numero 2 and can be an excellent base for those who want to go mountaineering and mountain biking: by bus or car you can reach the valleys from where you can start hiking or mountain biking. There are many possible itineraries!

We hope to have done you a favour and look forward to seeing you soon!

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