Innovation and style for a warm welcome

We welcome you to Corte Garibaldi! Welcome also to the beautiful city of Feltre, which we hope you will appreciate during the days you decide to spend in this wonderful setting. Know that there will be no lack of opportunities: every stone of the pavement, every ancient tree, every building in the city centre are repositories of a silent and discreet history, just longing to be rediscovered.Even Corte Garibaldi, our beautiful residence, has an interesting one to tell: as a tourist location, in fact, it was only recently born as a result of the renovation our family wanted to transform it into a tourist location. We hope, therefore, to welcome you to what can become your comfortable refuge from the stresses of working life, or a tender love nest to share with your sweetheart.To make this possible, Nicola and Anna Ragonesi, brother and sister respectively, benefited from a call for young entrepreneurs. Their hard work has paid off and they are proud of the improvements they have made, especially in terms of sustainability and energy saving. Corte Garibaldi is in fact their big little dream and they have taken care of every detail so that you can feel at ease.Corte Garibaldi is the result of the passion and commitment of Nicola and Anna Ragonesi. Anna is a young woman from Belluno who has entered the world of female entrepreneurship and feels ready to take on challenges and prove her worth. She loves cooking, animals and above all climbing the mountains that you can visit during your stay. Valbelluna is surrounded by them, each one more beautiful than the last. Nicola is her younger brother and has always been a great skier. He has worked hard over the years to cultivate his talent until he became an instructor: he is happy to accompany you on the slopes of San Martino or Monte Avena to breathe the alpine breeze and taste the fresh snow.

Nicola and Anna Ragonesi, owners of Corte Garibaldi

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